b'RoperENJOY THE RIDETailored to help young ropers as they learn the basics, with a horn that is easy to reach and a seat designed to keep them in position. Blocked fenders help keep balance while delivering the loop.Seat Sizes: 12, 13Gullet Size: 5-1/2SA-CKRORancherThe Ranchers lower, fl atter seat is designed for all day comfort. Larger swells and free swinging fenders keep the rider in a secure position on any horse, over any terrain. Just like the kids who ride them, this saddle is tough enough for ranch work.Seat Sizes: 10, 12, 13Gullet Size: 5SA-CKRAWadeSADDLESThe Wade saddle offers closer contact to the horse with a traditional cowboy design. Its slightly larger horn cap secures the rope, and the high cantle keeps the rider in position.Seat Sizes: 12, 13Gullet Size: 5-1/2 299SA-CKWA'