b'A BNEWRing MasterENJOY THE RIDEKeep your cinch ring from pinching or chafi ng your horse. It is easy to put on and ensures your horses comfort under the saddle. The Neoprene Ring Master does not absorb sweat and easily rinses clean with water. The Fleece Ring Master is made of 100% sheepskin and attaches with leather ties.Size: 5 h x 9 cirA. RMFFLEECEB. RMF2FLEECE 2C. RMNEOPRENEC DBreathe Easy Elastic BilletUnique construction incorporates strong elastic webbing, giving your horse greater comfort and potentially better performance. A sliding leather sleeve protects the elastic from sweat and wear over the dee ring. No need to replace your favorite cinch in order to get the benefi ts of elastic. Chestnut leather.D. BE-CHESADDLE ACCESSORIESE FNylon Latigo & BilletLatigo Size: 1-3/4 x 69-1/2Billet Size: 1-3/4 x 32E. SA-NYLATLATIGOF. SA-NYBILBILLET301BLACK BROWN BLACK BROWN'