b'Ri e ScabbardCASHELCOMPANY.COMA secure place for the outfi tter or hunter to protect your fi rearms. Attaches conveniently and quickly to the saddle and provides a padded shield. Black.SCBRLopper / Saw ScabbardTheres no trail you cant navigate with the Lopper/Saw Scabbard. The best way to pack your pruners and a saw, it is built to last and secures to the pommel and front girth. Saw and pruners not included.SCBPSSADDLE ACCESSORIESBLACK BROWNRump WarmerDesigned specifi cally for the endurance rider, the Rump Warmer prevents your horse from cooling off too quickly after long trips. Important back muscles and organs stay warm and protected with the soft polar fl eece lining and waterproof top. Attaches to your saddle with tie-on strings. Black.304 RW-H'