b'Swayback Cushion Pad The Swayback Pad has a 1-1/2 center ENJOY THE RIDEand tapers to 3/4 in the front and back.With a 1-1/2 center that tapers to 3/4 in the front and back, the Cashel Swayback Cushion Pad helps keep the saddle from riding on the horses shoulder and loin by3/4fi lling in the hollow area on the back of a swayback horse.Western Sizes: Medium (28 x 28),Large (30 x 30), X-Large (32 x 32)Shaped Size: 28 x 30English Size: 23 x 26SWYW-.75-1.5 WESTERNSWYG-.75-1.5 SHAPED 1-1/2SWYE-.75-1.5ENGLISHWESTERN SHAPED ENGLISHSADDLE PADSWool Top Western Swayback100% hand woven wool blanket encases the Western Swayback Cushion Pad, making it an all-in-one pad for your swayback horse.Sizes: 32 x 34, 34 x 36SWYW-3232 X 34SWYW-3434 X 36311BLACKTAN'