b'Correction Cushion PadsENJOY THE RIDEMade with the same unique foam as the original Cushion pads, Correction Cushion Pads are specially designed to aid in providing optimal comfort and protection as well as to help adjust the fi t of your saddle against the horse. They provide an easy way to help horses with muscle atrophy behind the shoulder or other conformational obstacles through the balanced distribution of saddle pressure.Wedge Correction Reverse Wedge CorrectionGradually increasing in thickness from front to back, theGradually decreasing in thickness from front to back, the Wedge Pad provides increased protection over the sensitiveReverse Wedge Pad provides additional padding for the high back area or can be used to level your saddle. withered/narrow shouldered horse. It also helps prevent the English: 1/2 front, 1-1/4 back saddle from sliding forward and can be used to level the saddle.Western: 1/2 front, 1 back English: 1-1/4 front, 1/2 backWestern: 1 front, 1/2 backShaped DressageWG-W-M(28 X 30) DS-RW-MMD (20)DS-RW-LLG (21)Dressage DS-RW-XLXL (22)DS-W-MMD (20)DS-W-LLG (21) Jump / All PurposeDS-W-XLXL (22) JP-RW-MMD (20)JP-RW-LLG (21)Jump / All PurposeJP-W-SSM (19)JP-W-MMD (20)JP-W-LLG (21)JP-W-XLXL (22)LollipopSADDLE PADSLP-W-MMD (18)LP-W-LLG (19)RACE / EXERCISE SCHOOLING SQUARE LOLLIPOP 313'