b'TRAIN|COMPETE|WINH O R S E S P O R T P R O D U C T S F O R T H E S E R I O U S C O M P E T I T O R5 Strand Ropes3-5 Accessory Bags140-142, 145 Accessories238-2394 Strand Ropes3-11 Automatic Waterers114-117 Breastcollars172-1873 Strand Ropes9 Barn Accessories145-148, 151 Breastcollar Tugs177 Dealer Website Have you signed up at MyEquibrand.com? To keep up to date with the latest news, new Kid Ropes11-13 Bits, Barrel 118-127 Caps167 products and sales specials, call your sales representative to get your dealer login.Ranch Ropes11 Bits, Bit Logic 134-139 Curbs and Bit Hobbles206-207Phone Orders To order by phone, call Monday - Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm CST. Call toll free Bits, Joe Beaver133 Headstalls178-205 877-654-2946 or fax your order to 817-573-8467. To order by email, call 877-654-2946 to Bits, Les Vogt128-131 Leather Care and Repair237 get your sales representatives email address.Bits, Rickey Green132 Nosebands186-191, 214-219Caps162-163 Reins208-213 Terms Net 30 Days or Credit Card.Breakaway Ropes17-19 Cinches88-97 Saddle Accessories232-238Calf Ropes19 A service charge of 1.5% will be charged on past due accounts.Halters/Leads152-157 Spur Straps224-231Goat Strings21 Hay Bags143-144 Stirrups222-223 Any account may be changed to Credit Card at any time if interest charges go unpaid. Piggin Strings21 Horse Accessories147-148 Training220-221Steer Strings21 Kid Accessories150 Any account with a balance exceeding 60 days may be changed to Credit Card.Team Ropes15-17 Protective Boots, AirWave42-43Any account not making attempts to pay overdue balances or return calls will be turned over Protective Boots, Bell52-57 to a collection agency. Any fees or expenses incurred with collection will be added to the Protective Boots, ClassicFit40-41 balance due.Protective Boots, Leather50-51 Barn and Trailer Accessories256-265 Protective Boots, Legacy System36-39 Breastcollars302-317 All checks returned to Equibrand for Non Suf cient Funds are collected by eCash ow. Should Breakaway Accessories33 Protective Boots, Other46-49 Dog Accessories255 you have any questions you can reach them at 888-339-6062.Calf Roping Accessories34-35 Protective Boots, ProTech44-45 Flank Cinches312, 322 Shipments Standard carriers are FedEx and UPS. Speci c routing instructions should be given when Caps164-166 Saddle Accessories149 Fly Protection, Crusader240-242 your order is placed. F.O.B. shipping point.Dally Wraps29 Saddle Pads, Alpaca80-83 Fly Protection, Econo243, 245Easy Now Quick Release29 Saddle Pads, BioFit Correction74-75 Fly Protection, Misc.244-245 Back Orders Items temporarily out of stock will be placed on back order and shipped when available Flags32-33 unless otherwise noti ed. Saddle Pads, Classic Wool Top72-73 Fly Protection, Quiet Ride 245-247Gloves30 Saddle Pads, ESP64-67 Fly Protection, Sheets243 Pricing All prices are subject to change without notice. We cannot guarantee published prices but Horn Wraps32 Saddle Pads, Felt77-81, 84-85 Halters249-251 will do our best to keep you up to date on all current price changes.Magnetic Hot Shot Holder31 Saddle Pads, Foam86-87 Headstalls302-315, 318-321INDEXRope Bags22-27 Saddle Pads, SensorFlex68-71 Horse Accessories248, 251-254 Returns Equibrand products are satisfaction guaranteed. All returns must have authorization before Rope Straps28 they can be returned. Please send any returned products back to Equibrand before replacing Saddle Pads, ShockGuard62-65 Reins312-313, 323-325 them from store inventory. No credit or replacement will be justi ed without prior approval Roping Dummies31 Saddle Pads, Treeless Sport77 Rider Accessories266-273 by Equibrand. Returned overstocked merchandise may be subject to a restocking fee. Send 328 String Tubes28 Saddle Pads, Trainer71 Saddles274-279 authorized returns to: Equibrand, 3500 West Hwy 377, Granbury, Texas 76048.Saddle Pads, Zone58-61 Saddle Accessories280-285Spurs168-171Saddle Bags292-301 Claims Claims for errors in shipping must be made within 10 days after receipt of merchandise. Therapy110-113 Saddle Pads286-291 Equibrand is not responsible for damages or losses that may occur in transit.Travel Accessories158-161 Tush Cushions266-267Restoration Equine Masks108-109 Winter Blankets & Sheets98-107 Wither Straps305, 307, 322'