b'Legacy2 CLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WINWorking with the horses own natural support structures, the Legacy2 cradles the fetlock and provides suspensory supportNatures Designwithout inhibiting movement. Horses are naturally designed to stop, turn, and acceleratethe Legacy System reinforces these motionsThe extensor branches of the and provides protection to the critical structures within the leg. suspensory ligament extend around Extended height of the Tall Hind offers more tendonthe back of the ankle to support and suspensory support for horses with longer cannonthe fetlock joint during the weight bones. Available in Black and White only. bearing phase of the stride.Sizes: Small, Medium, LargeBlack, White also available in X-LargeAll patterns available while supplies last Legacy2s DesignCLS102FRONT The Legacy2 Fetlock Cradle System CLS202HIND provides maximum support and CLS202TTALL HINDCLSFSPATTERN FULL SET protection to the fetlock and lower $109.99$199.99 portion of the leg. It mimics the design of, and therefore reinforces, the ligament it is intended to support.LIMITED SIZING LIMITED SIZING LIMITED SIZING LIMITED SIZING FULL SET FULL SET FULL SETCHEETAH CALYPSO TERRACOTTA BUTTE STARBURST BLACK LEOPARD SAFARI AURORABLACK WHITE CHARCOAL CARIBOU SPRUCE AQUAPROTECTIVE BOOTS PROTECTIVE BOOTS34 photo: Darrell Dodds 35CLINTON ANDERSON NEWWorld Renowned Trainer and ClinicianBLUE EGGPLANT LAVENDER BLUSH HOT PINK CRIMSON'