b'AirWave Classic SplintPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINBreathable, close pro le protective boot for show ring and trainingDouble hook-and-loop straps with elastic for simple application and secure, eventLeather splint pad with shock absorbing nitrate lining for added protectionSizes: Small, Medium, LargeAirWave provides full, even support for the show arena in aAWCSB100 $39.99cool, breathable design that is user-friendly. The perforated foam body actively draws heat away from the leg while a tough,exible mesh covering adds protection and durability, greatly extending the life of the boot. AirWaves clean, ergonomict is attractive without sacri cing protection.BLACK WHITEBREATHABLE DESIGN AirWave EZ Wrap II Breathable boot with an ergonomict for use in practice or show penSplint and sesamoid protectionElastic straps provide full, even supportPROTECTIVE BOOTS PROTECTIVE BOOTSQuick and easy applicationSize: StandardAWEW100FRONTAWEW200HIND $49.9938 39BLACK WHITE'