b'ZoombangEven after several hundred rides, the CLASSICEQUINE.COMFeatures Zone pad continues to hold its shape.Absorbs 80% of impact forces JAMES BARTON AQHA World Champion Calf Roper Soft, conformal protection allows body movement and support and Professional TrainerPolymer is soft at rest, adjusting to the contour of horse and saddle We use the Zone pad every day on all Reacts instantly upon impact, absorbing energy andtypes of horses, and it just works.protecting the horse TODD BERGENNRHA & NRCHA $2 Million Rider Returns to its soft resting state after impact 10 Time NRHA & NRCHA Unprecedented lightweight protection trusted byFuturity Champion & Reserve Championhundreds of professional athletesScience-based and signifi cantly tested I ride a lot of different horses with Engineered to manage, dissipate, and transfer energy varied conformations. The Zone pad helps my saddles fit better and remain Specially formulated for equine athletes to helpsolidly in place.reduce injury and stress CLAY LOGANNon-toxic and will not wear out, dry out, freeze, or melt AQHA World Championand Professional TrainerHAILEY KINSEL3 Time World Champion Barrel RacerNFR Average ChampionThe American ChampionSADDLE PADS46photo: Impulse Photography'