b'Neoprene SkidCLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WINClean, close,exiblet for protection and comfortAsymmetrical skid cup protects against burning heat and injury from sliding stopsInterior no-turn rolls ensure propert and prevent shiftingSimple and safe closure system for easy on/off applicationSize: StandardNSB201BLACK WHITEEZ Wrap LiteProtects the fragile, exposed inner splint area during competition or rigorous training exercisesEasy application boot with a close, cleantBound edges keep out dirt and debrisJersey lining is soft and comfortableFoam center offers more body and sesamoid protectionSize: StandardEWL100FRONTEWL200HINDPROTECTIVE BOOTS PROTECTIVE BOOTSBLACK WHITEPolo WrapsMade of 380 grameece, heavier and longer lasting than any competitorWider than other polos, providing more protection and saving time and effortPackage of four46 Size: 4-1/2 wide, 108 long 47POLOW4NICK DOWERSReno Snae Bit Futurity Open Champion2 Time Road to the Horse Champion BLACK WHITENRCHA Snae Bit Futurity Championphoto: Carolyn Simancik Photography'