b'ShockGuard Blanket TopPLAY TO WIN PLAY TO WINShockGuard and ESP pads are made with innovative XPF energy-absorbing technology that is100% wool blanket top can be foldedMade with revolutionary XPF foam that is incredibly dense yet breathable, providing heavy duty performance without added weight back for shim placement if necessary andopen celled, breathable, lightweight and lays clean andat against the pad durable with a self adjusting pro leProvides maximum impact protectionPliable and easy to clean even after extended useYou want to provide the bestyour horse, conforming to his Lightweight construction throughout the entire pad surfaceprotection for your horsesevery move. It also provides Energy-absorbing technology 32 x 34 34 x 38back because you know whatsshock-absorbing relief, helping Dense, yet breathable toSGBT32 SGBT34behind every fast turn, hardto prevent soreness and injuries.allow heat dissipation $399.99 $399.99stop, and burst of speed you askXPF foam is successfully for. XPF Foam in ShockGuardused in protective sports and Back-conformingand ESP pads prevents injury,military equipment as well as Open-cell technology for better protects your horses back,NAVY/ CREAM/orthotic-prosthetic medicalbounceback after each maneuver LAVENDER NAVYand increases performance.devices, proving ultimate impact Shock-absorbing reliefThis high-tech, American- protection. It provides more than made foam is breathable andsix times better protection when provides unwavering support. compared to other conventional XPF foam creates the perfectfoam materials and is exclusively shock-absorption situation forused in Classic Equine pads.COFFEE/ BURGUNDY/BLUE NAVYTURQUOISE/ BLACK/BLUE BLUESADDLE PADS SADDLE PADSShockGuard Felt TopMade with revolutionary XPF foam that is open celled, breathable, lightweight and durable with a self adjusting pro leProvides maximum impact protection throughout the entire pad surface54 Pliable and easy to clean even55after extended usephoto: RodeoReadySGFT28 3/428 X 30SGFT30303/430 X 30SGFT30 3/430 X 32SGFT31 3/431 X 32$379.99 PAUL EAVES SGFT31-1131 X 32 BLACK2 Time World Champion Heeler $389.99'