b'JUNIOR NOGUEIRA8 Time NFR Quali erPRCA All Around ChampionSpydr5 CLASSICROPE.COM SUCCESS IS IN YOUR HANDSThe Spydr5 is the next generation of CoreTech technology. Spydr packs more material in a smaller diameter for a feel like nothing else. Withve strands of twisted nylon ingeniously engineered around an oversized core, the Spydr delivers the perfect balance of snap and tip weight to make it the ultimate trap for your prey.3/8 TRUE30XXS, XS, S, MS3/8 TRUE35MS, MSPYDR5 BEST SELLERS#SIZELENGTHLAY13/8 TRUE30XS23/8 TRUE30S13/8 TRUE35M23/8 TRUE35MSphoto: Bunkhouse Blessings PhotosCLINT SUMMERS2 Time NFR Quali er The Heat Made from a blend of custombers and intricate twists, and a core made with CoreTech technology, the four strand Heat sets a standard in rope feel and performance. Designed for todays aggressive roping styles, The Heat provides a loop that is packed with body. The tip remains ahead of the swing for a more controlled and con dent delivery. Lightweight and built for performance, The Heat maintains its original snappy feel, run after run.3/8 TRUE30XXS, XS, S, MSTEAM ROPES 3/8 TRUE35S, MS, M, HM, MH TEAM ROPES4 5THE HEAT BEST SELLERS#SIZELENGTHLAY13/8 TRUE30XS23/8 TRUE30S13/8 TRUE35M23/8 TRUE35MS33/8 TRUE35HMphoto: Rodeo Ready'