b'Contour Wool Top Felt 32 x 34PLAY TO WIN100% wool blanket topHigh quality 100% wool felt bottom absorbs shock, wicks moisture, dissipates heat, and stays soft for the life of the padFelt is pressed for better compression rebound and a much longer lifeContoured to fi t the horses back with cinch and wither cutouts for closer saddle fi tBlanket top folds back over withersCHESTNUT / CORALfor discreet shim placement32 x 34BTFP12321/2BTFP34323/4BLACK / SEAFOAM IVORY / SEAFOAMCHARCOAL / LILAC34 x 3834 x 38BTFP12341/2BTFP34343/4SADDLE PADSBURGUNDY / GREYNAVY / SEAFOAM IVORY / PERIWINKLE 63CHOCOLATE / TEAL'