b'Contour Wool Top Alpaca 32 x 34PLAY TO WIN100% wool blanket topAlpaca felt bottom is a special blend of alpaca and wool fi bers with incredible softness, cushion and fl exibility while retaining durabilityContoured to fi t the horses backCutout over withers reduces rubbingBlanket top folds back over withers for discreet shim placementCOFFEE / PURPLE32 x 34BTAP34323/4BLACK / MALIBU COFFEE / TURQUOISECHARCOAL / SEAFOAM SHEEPSKIN / RASPBERRY34 x 3834 x 38BTAP34343/4SADDLE PADSBLACK / REDCOFFEE / BURGUNDY COFFEE / MALIBU 65CHARCOAL / OCEAN CHARCOAL / SAGE'