b'Treeless SportPLAY TO WIN100% wool top stays clean, resists matting and keeps its appeal for the life of the pad1/2 orthopedic grade felt center remains soft and pliable and provides excellent shock absorption Used and endorsed by 100% wool fl eece bottom wicks moisture andProfessional Barrel provides maximum comfort to your horses back Racer Tammy FischerOversized to work with all types ofBLACK / FUCHSIAtreeless and sport style saddles7/8 total pad thicknessSSP34 X 38BLACK / WHITE COFFEE / PURPLEKid FeltMade with orthopedic grade felt designed for use under smaller kids saddlesSoft and contoured with cutout over withers to naturally conform to the horses backDisperses pressure, diffuses heat, and wicks away moisture5/8 total pad thicknessKSFP25-1/2 X 26SADDLE PADSPerformance TrainerHeavy duty canvas top ensures durability3/4 wool felt center provides excellent protection against shock100% merino fl eece bottom wicks moisture and provides maximum comfort to the horses backContoured design provides comfort and an even fi t 69PTP231 X 32BLACKBROWN'