b'SensorFlex Wool Top 32 x 34CLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WIN100% wool top provides great looks and durability7/8 heavy wool felt center absorbs shock and molds to the horses back for a solid, securet100% merino wooleece bottomFelt andeece designed with cutouts under the saddle fenders to provide greater feel and communication with the horse1 total pad thickness FAWN / RASPBERRY32 x 34CSWFP32KELSIE DOMER8 Time WPRA World ChampionNFBR Quali er BLACK / ROSE COFFEE / CREAMCREAM / CHESTNUT NAVY / BLUE34 x 38 34 x 38CSWFP34SADDLE PADS SADDLE PADSBUCKSKIN / AQUA68 BURGUNDY / BLUE COFFEE / SEAFOAM 69CREAM / BLUE NAVY / CHESTNUTphoto: David Hollenback Photography'