b'F E E L I N G I S B E L I E V I N G PLAY TO WINAura CinchTough, durable mesh exterior holds up toROPERwear and tearPerforated foam center is soft yet durable, allowing air to fl ow freelyPerforated neoprene with a jersey lining remains soft, smooth, and supple against the skinDries quickly after use or washingStainless steel hardwareDo not wash/soak in bleachSTRAIGHTSizes: 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36AUCINCHRROPERAUCINCHSSTRAIGHTCinch Fitting TipsCINCHESThe cinch is the lifeline that holds your saddle in place, which in turn keeps you in a stable position during competition. Because there is so much riding on your cinch, we wanted to give you some helpful tips that will bene t both you and your horse.1 Use a cinch that is designed withWhen the cinch is tight, the dees shouldUse a cinch with stainless steel73your horses comfort in mind. 3 lay fl at and clean against the horses5 hardware, which is long lasting and will 2 Choose a cinch by measuringheart girth or sweet spot. If it ridesnot rust, corrode, or bind up. Classic the distance from one heartabove or below the sweet spot, it canEquine cinches are made with stainless girth or sweet spot under thecause soreness and discomfort. steel hardware to ensure youre getting belly to the opposite one. 4 To allow fl exibility or give as your horsethe highest quality product possible.moves, use a cinch/latigo combination. Leather is a natural fi ber that has give. Leather latigos expand slightly and move with the horse as you ride.'