b'ANDREA FAPPANINRHA $6 Million Rider4 Time NRHA Futurity Champion4 Time NRBC Open Champion NRHA Open Derby Champion Treeless SportCLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WIN100% wool top stays clean, resists matting and keeps its appeal for the life of the pad1/2 orthopedic grade felt center remains soft and pliable and provides excellent shock absorption100% wooleece bottom wicks moisture andUsed and endorsed by provides maximum comfort to your horses back Professional Barrel Oversized to work with all types ofRacer Tammy Fischertreeless and sport style saddles7/8 total pad thicknessSSP34 X 38AUBERGINE / PEACHCADET / RASPBERRY CHESTNUT / IVORY BLACK / TEALVirgin Wool FeltMade with 100% virgin woolSuperior ability to disperse pressure, wick away moisture and diffuse heatContoured, super soft and pliable with cutout over withers so it naturally conforms to the horses backVFP340303/430 X 32SADDLE PADS SADDLE PADSVFP340323/431 X 32VFP10030130 X 32VFP10032131 X 32SILVER BELLY76 77BLACK NATURALphoto: Cam Essick Photographics'