b'Neoprene CinchCLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WINDetachable body is nylon for durability and strengthRemovable cinch pad is made of a 9mm perforated neoprene, ensuring suf cient padding and comfort ROPERUnique waf e patterned and shark skin textured neoprene acts like a second skin, gripping and moving with the horseRecommended for use with leather latigos only, to allow the horse to expand naturallyAntibacterial and antifungalStainless steel hardware with one roller buckle for easier cinching STRAIGHTSizes: 26(straight only), 28, 30, 32, 34, 36NEOCINCHRROPER$87.99NEOCINCHSSTRAIGHT$76.99FeatherFlex CinchExtra soft, non-cha ng virgin neoprene is self lubricating and reduces girth itch under extreme conditions ROPER BLACKAntimicrobial and antifungalDesigned to eliminate twist and distortion, with stainless steel hardware that will not rustSizes: 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36FFRCROPER$99.99FFSCSTRAIGHT$83.99 ROPER BROWNCINCHES CINCHESSTRAIGHT BLACKphoto: Impulse Photography78 79JORDON BRIGGS STRAIGHT BROWNWorld Champion Barrel RacerWorld Champion Futurity Trainer$2.5 Million Lifetime Earnings'