b'Contour Wool Top Alpaca 32 x 34CLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WIN100% wool blanket topAlpaca felt bottom is a special blend of alpaca and woolbers with incredible softness, cushion andexibility while retaining durabilityContoured tot the horses backCutout over withers reduces rubbingBlanket top folds back over withers for discreet shim placementSHEEPSKIN / RASPBERRY32 x 34BTAP34323/4ERICH ROGERSWorld Champion HeaderNFR Average Champion BLACK / MALIBU COFFEE / TURQUOISEThe American ChampionCHARCOAL / SEAFOAM COFFEE / PURPLE34 x 3834 x 38BTAP34343/4SADDLE PADS SADDLE PADSBLACK / RED82 COFFEE / BURGUNDY COFFEE / MALIBU 83CHARCOAL / OCEAN CHARCOAL / SAGEphoto: Impulse Photography'