b'TREVOR DARENRHA Derby ChampionBlended Felt / FleeceCLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WINFelt provides protection against saddle pressure and shockNatural wool wicks heat and moisture away for year-round comfortSplit design moves with the horses back, reducing friction during performanceCBFPF340303/430 X 30CBFPF340333/431 X 33CBFPF100331 31 X 33Blended FeltQuality wool felt that stays soft for the life of the pad and provides long lasting protection against shockCut out over withers and contoured tot the horses back with a split design that allows the pad to move with the horseDesigned to be used alone or with a blanketCBFP340C3/431 X 32CBFP100C131 X 32SADDLE PADS SADDLE PADSFelt Liner1/4 felt, contoured to follow the horses natural shapeKeeps expensive saddle pads clean and extends their lifeHelps absorb moisture under foam padsFL-WE-1/4-M31 X 3384 85photo: Carolyn Simancik Photography'