b'CPLAY TO WINDSheet EGreat as a pre-warmup and pre-competition toolGenerates blood fl ow throughout the entire body, promoting relaxationMagnets are strategically aligned across the muscle meridian lines of the whole bodyHelps to promote overall healingSizes: X-Small (68-70), Small (72-74), Medium (76-78), Large (80-82)D. EMSHEETBell BootReduces pain of the navicular area or coffi n boneIncreases blood fl ow to the hoof and aids in a wide range of foot issuesStandard sizeE. EMBBFTHERAPYTendon WrapUsed for a number of lower leg ailments GSpeeds healing in bowed tendons, splint injuries and ankle strainsStandard sizeF. EMTW 93Relief PadUse for human lumbar, shoulder, or neck therapy Size: 9 x 5-1/4G. EMRP'