b'A B C Diamond Short Shank Diamond Long ShankCLASSICEQUINE.COM PLAY TO WINThis is a bit for starting my barrel training, orThis is a bit with a longer shank, so it will give on horses that have a sensitive mouth that doyou more leverage to maintain rate and body not need much bit. It is nice and soft, offeringposition in turns with speed. 7-1/2 shank.complete rate and body lift for turns. 6 shank.BBIT3LSGBROWNED IRONBBIT3SSGBROWNED IRON N. BBIT3LSG22SSTWISTED WIRE DOGBONEA. BBIT3SSG22SSTWISTED WIRE DOGBONE O. BBIT3LSG21SSTWISTED WIRE SNAFFLEB. BBIT3SSG21SSTWISTED WIRE SNAFFLE P. BBIT3LSG30SICHAINC. BBIT3SSG30SICHAIN Q. BBIT3LSG33SSO RING SQUARE SNAFFLED. BBIT3SSG33SSO RING SQUARE SNAFFLE R. BBIT3LSG24SSSMALL TWISTED WIRE DOGBONEE. BBIT3SSG24SSSMALL TWISTED WIRE DOGBONEBBIT4LSGSTAINLESS STEELBBIT4SSGSTAINLESS STEEL S. BBIT4LSG22SSTWISTED WIRE DOGBONED E F F. BBIT4SSG22SSTWISTED WIRE DOGBONE T. BBIT4LSG21SSTWISTED WIRE SNAFFLE N O PG. BBIT4SSG21SSTWISTED WIRE SNAFFLE U. BBIT4LSG24SSSMALL TWISTED WIRE DOGBONEH. BBIT4SSG30SICHAINI.BBIT4SSG33SSO RING SQUARE SNAFFLEJ. BBIT4SSG24SSSMALL TWISTED WIRE DOGBONEG H I J Q R S T UBARREL BITS BARREL BITSDiamond Dee Ring Diamond Draw VThis bit is designed to help soften yourThe Diamond Draw provides rate,ex, and lift. horses mouth and build sensitivity. Use itThe weighted rings allow quicker release of K L to softennished horses and start colts. pressure and amplify the feel to horse and rider. BBIT3DDRBROWNED IRON Copper wrapped o-ring mouthpiece encourages K. BBIT3DDR25SSSMOOTH SNAFFLE salivation and acceptance. The harness headstall LBBIT3DDR29SSSQUARE SNAFFLE has durable cord cheeks for smooth pickup 120 and release with additional poll pressure. 121BBIT4DDRSTAINLESS STEEL HBDDB323BROWNED IRONM. BBIT4DDR29SSSQUARE SNAFFLE V. HBDDB323COPPER O RINGM'