b'Harness Split ReinHermann Oak harness, medium oiledTHE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEP THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEPD. SR34H3/4$79.99SR58H5/8 $69.99SR12H1/2$67.99Latigo Split ReinE. SR58LL5/8 $39.99D EF G HDoubled and Stitched Split Reins Slobber StrapsLeather is doubled and stitched, thenSize: Medium (4-1/2)specially treated for a broke-in feel. 5/8. F. SLOBBERNTSM NATURAL SKIRTINGHarness G. SLOBBERCSSMCHESTNUT SKIRTINGA. SR58HHDS-2HEAVY H. SLOBBERCHSM CHOCOLATE SKIRTINGI. SLOBBERHNATURAL HARNESS$119.99 J. SLOBBERCHHMCHOCOLATE HARNESSSR58LHDS-6LIGHT $21.99 $114.99Size: Large (6-1/2)Latigo K. SLOBBERLLATIGOB. SR58HLATDS-4HEAVY$22.99SR58LLATDS-5LIGHT $89.99I J KA B Harness / LatigoC. SR58HHLDS-8HEAVYSR58LHLDS-7LIGHT $109.99Actual Rein Sizes1/2REINS REINSWater Loops5/8 Package of 6Natural HarnessL. WL6PH343/4202 3/4 WL6PH585/8 203 $42.99WL6PH121/2 L7/8$39.99Chocolate HarnessM. WL6PCH585/8 $39.99 MC'