b'STANDARD STANDARD WITH EARSPatterned CrusaderEcono Fly MaskENJOY THE RIDE ENJOY THE RIDEGet all the comfort and protection of ourThe Econo Fly Mask provides excellent protection original Crusader Fly Mask, with your ownon a budget. Lightweight mesh material helps style. Choose different patterns to matchreduce sun exposure while keeping insects at each horses personality, or choose abay. Soft edge binding and darted construction single design to easily tell yours apart. is comfortable and protects sensitive areas. A Sizes: Mini/Foal (Leopard only), Weanling/Sm Pony,large hook-and-loop strap facilitates precise Yearling/Large Pony, Arab/Small Horse,adjustment, keeping it securely in place. Gold.Horse, Warmblood Sizes: Yearling/Large Pony, Arab/Small Horse, All patterns available while supplies last Horse, WarmbloodCFMS-2STANDARD EFMSSTANDARD $32.99$24.99CFMSE-2STANDARD WITH EARS EFMSESTANDARD WITH EARS $34.99$30.99Hook-And-Loop ExtenderAdd up to 5 to youry mask. Attach the Extender to each side of the existing strap for greater sizingexibility andt. Grey.VSELEOPARD SAGEBRUSH SPLASH TUNDRA $9.99Crusader Leg GuardsCrusader Leg Guards reduce stress and frustration caused by insects and burrs. Soft yet durable constructionts securely and comfortably. Set of two.Grey Sizes: Mini/Foal, Weanling/Small Pony, Yearling/Large Pony, Arab/Small FLY PROTECTION FLY PROTECTIONHorse, Horse, Warmblood, DraftColor Sizes: Arab/Small Horse, Horse, WarmbloodColors are made to match charity Crusader Fly MasksLG3 Fly Sheet Neck Guard $32.99 Soft and breathable, this cool, easy care micromesh Neck Guard attaches to the Crusader Fly Mask and Fly Sheet. The Neck Guard also keeps your horses mane straight, saving you grooming time and getting you back in the saddle faster. Machine washable. Grey.236 237Sizes: Small (66-72), Medium (74-80), Large (82-84)FS-NG $54.99GREY BLUE PINK ORANGE'